The Hourly, Weekly, and Monthly Employee Time Sheet Template

Free Printable Employee Time Sheet Template
Free Printable Employee Time Sheet Template

Every company whether they are big or small must have employees. It can be one or two or more than thousand employers that help the company or business to grow and improve. To make it easier for the manager or the Human Resource Department to give fee amount to the employers, there must be the employee time sheet. A time-sheet is information about the date of time and day when the employers come to the company and also as information about the out and in, hours worked in a day, and permission to leave work for some reason. That information can be placed in the employee time-sheet template. There are various kinds of timesheet template, such as hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

In the monthly timesheet template, there are information about the date of time and days when the employers come in and out from the company. In that timesheet template, there is also various information about the employers among other the employer name, ID, title, department, start date and the number of working day per month. In that template, it usually states the date and day in a month, with time-in and time-out. The template also has the hours when the employers make a permission to leave because of sick, vacation, or the other reasons. The timesheet will help the company to give a fee to every employer fairly.

To make a timesheet you can use the Microsoft Excel, this will make it easier for you in creating the line or drawing the table for each employee. There are various kinds of timesheet from hourly to monthly timesheet that can be used. The hourly time sheet is focused more on the hours worked with the date of time in and out, time of loch, and the employer’s permission. This timesheet is usually used for the hourly worker such as tailor, construction worker, plumbing worker, and many more. The weekly timesheet looks simpler than the hourly one because this timesheet will only focus on the date and day, time start, finish, breaks, and total hours. A timesheet template excel is easy to create and it is also very useful.

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