Free Editable Employee Resignation Letter Template

Free Printable Employee Resignation Letter TemplateIf you are planning to resign from your job, what procedure, you should follow to tender your resignation? If an employee plans to resign from his service then, he/she should submit Employment Resignation Letter to the HR manager or employer, showing his intention to terminate his service in the company or organization.

There are various reasons, which prompts an employee to resign from his job and they include, better job opportunity in another organization, working environment, moving out of the city or country, poor pay scale and family commitments. Informing verbally, about his service termination is not proper corporate tradition to inform the employer. These reasons make it necessary, to follow right corporate culture and, tender his written resignation, according to the company rules and regulations. He should also cite job quitting reasons in the letter.

It is also necessary for the employee to understand that, leaving the job is not an easy task and lots of explanations are to be tendered for terminating his service in the company. Again, the employer may want employee to continue, because of the over work loads in the company, which needs his active participation or it may not be possible to get another efficient personnel for the same position in the short period of time. Such reasons make it essential to handle resignation issue, delicately and carefully for maintaining cordial relation with the employer in future and, to avoid any legal tangles or breach of contract.

It is also advisable that, a worker, intending to quit his job must follow proper resignation channel. Many companies have, their own job termination clauses, which are agreed by the employee, at the time of hiring. These terms and conditions may include, serving advance job quitting information, confidentiality provision, pre quit notice and resignation letter.

If company procedures are not followed by the employee and, if there is any breach of contract then, he may have to face numerous legal complications, which may spoil his relation with the employer or may be detrimental to his future career prospects.

If you are not proficient in writing your own job termination letter, you can download Employment Resignation Letters, from online site and formulate them accordingly, as per your need.

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Free Editable Board Resignation Letter Template

Free Printable Board Resignation Letter TemplateA board resignation letter is one of the most important letters that you can ever write. Yet, few people give a conscious thought about how to write them correctly. Even if you are planning to change jobs well in advance, you will dedicate a lot of time in writing a perfect resume, work very hard to prepare well for the interview, and yet put off writing the resignation letter to the last minute. Now, that is a big mistake. How often do you find people who will tell you that they will like to change the way that they had written their resignation letter? May be, even you feel the same way sometimes.

A resignation letter is different from anything else, since you will inevitably become emotionally charged while writing it. Leaving a job can be a stressful experience. Sometimes, you can make the mistake of transferring these emotions and stress into the letter. Therefore, it is important to remember a few things when you write a resignation letter.

Be Positive

That is easier said than done, yet, it can have a great effect on the situations and the mood surrounding your departure. Regardless of your level in the organization, your colleagues, superiors and subordinates will definitely feel about your departure, and the feeling can be anything ranging from surprise to rejection. It is best to be sensitive to these feelings. You should not write anything to intensify or aggravate these feelings.

Strike a Balance

Once you have decided to leave, and you are sure about your decision, convey the message through the resignation letter. The words used should be firm; they should demonstrate your intent and purpose. Never try to negotiate through a resignation letter. All the negotiation and discussion should be done before writing the letter. Yet, it is important to strike a balance by using firm words, and at the same time, not alienating or provoking the employer unnecessarily.

Don’t Burn your Bridges

Your resignation letter should not alienate or provoke your employer by the use of inappropriate words. As far as possible, try to conserve your goodwill and keep your future options safe. It is a small world indeed. You never know that after sometime, your boss may also leave the organization, and join again as your boss in your new job. There is another reason for you to be careful-reference and recommendation. When you are applying for a new job, the new employer will inevitably ask for references, sometimes from previous employers. It is best to be balanced and professional in the wordings of the letter, even if the circumstances surrounding the resignation are not exactly so.

Different Letters for Different Purposes

It is a fallacy that you can resign only from a job. You can step down from a lot of other things, like the chairmanship of a committee or a board, while still retaining the employment. Obviously, the wordings and substance of a resignation letter in such a situation will be much different. The circumstances and reactions of the people surrounding you are also going to be different. Yet, the basic guidelines for writing the resignation letter will remain the same, namely; be positive, be professional and strike a balance.

The way that you leave your job is very important. It has implications on your personal life, your future professional life and your own self esteem. And the way you leave your job can be very much affected by the way you draft your resignation letter. Be objective and professional. Use words carefully and in a way which conveys your intent and purpose without showing your emotions. Don’t upset the employer by being reckless. Keep your goodwill, and keep your options open.

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Free Blank Template Attendance Sheet

Free Printable Template Attendance SheetAn employee’s rate of productivity can be basically measured with his or her allocated work hours. However, the working hours don’t entirely fill the payroll; there are factors to consider generating the appropriate salary for every employee. These factors can be associated with the company’s rules and regulations that may refer to the employee’s incentives or bonuses, allowances, loadings, penalties and of course, the pay rate.

These factors vary from time to time that’s why adjustments are always constant and should be implemented or programmed before the long-awaited pay day to avoid issues and headaches.

Using manual calculations or using the “traditional” payroll system will take you enormous amount of time creating the appropriate formula; do some complex computations and generating a comprehensive report. However, this method has the potential to create inaccuracy. This is where time and attendance software comes into the picture.

From the name itself, time and attendance software is especially made to tackle the issues of making accurate and comprehensive payroll based from the time and attendance sheet considering the rules and regulations of the company, thus the name award interpretation.

Award interpretation was first regarded as a feature of time and attendance software but later on, it is considered the time and attendance itself and now generally acceptable to refer as another name for the software and vice versa. Award interpretation sets the necessary formula for generating the salary of an employee from the time sheet plus the bonuses, allowances, penalties and so on and so forth. It is also “flexible” to necessary adjustments and can be manipulated whenever needed.

After you have successfully installed your time and attendance system, you can now take the control panel and set the necessary formula that will be interpreted by the software.

Although you can leave these configurations to the I.T. department, it is best that you also know so that technical issues can be easily addressed by you and be quickly fixed before follow-op problems surface up.

1. A little hardware and software configurations.

Since we are dealing with technicalities, it is important that you know some components to be taken in consideration that includes LAN and WAN networking principles, database manipulation, computer hardware compatibility and if necessary – internet connectivity.

2. Draw out your arithmetic skills.

Once the terminals are in place, it’s time to set the necessary fields. The first step is to set the employees’ pay rates multiplied by 60 minutes or 1 hour, don’t worry, the software will automatically adjust the pay rates to minutes and even seconds.

You can manipulate the software by constructing formula that include conditions or in I.T. terms program or protocol such as if an employee performed a satisfying performance his/her salary will increase by 10% this pay period or an employee will receive 5% of the sales as commission.

3. Change is constant.

Companies grow, employees get promoted, fees such as taxes increase and adjustments should be implemented immediately and accurately. However, you can set the adjustments in advance by setting conditions in the very beginning such as if the company meet certain goals, some employees will get promoted and his/her pay rate will increase by 50%.

Technology is fast progressing creating a new chapter that benefits the business industry – take advantage of it. Automation has proven its worth throughout the years and implementation of time and attendance software has becoming more and more mandatory. There are immense technicalities along the road but as long as you have the knowledge, you will not get lost instead you can use these for your company’s development.

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Free To Download Lesson Plan Template pdf

Free Printable Lesson Plan Template pdfAre you having trouble formulating a lesson plan? This essential teaching tool is an important part of many classrooms. However, creating one that meets all of your teaching needs isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips to consider when looking for a plan template.

A lesson plan template is simply a form used to fill out your plan. Some common ideas include a course schedule, reading materials, planned movie viewings, field trips, lab schedules, classroom discussions, and more. Other concepts include a mission statement, related quotes, specific objectives, and others. By including these in your plan template, you are doing your part to make sure that your students are as informed about the upcoming class as they can possibly be. Depending on the course you plan on teaching, a lesson template can double as a lab schedule, a presentation schedule, and more.

A good plan template is also great for keeping parents informed about their kids’ activities as well. While this doesn’t apply so much for college courses, it’s deeply important for preschool through middle school at the very least. Not only does this give parents a way to know what their children are learning about, but it also gives them a chance to participate as well, such as acting as a field trip chaperon or an assistant for a class event. In the unlikely event that a parent objects with the subject the student is learning, the parent will be able to learn this right away rather than in the middle of the semester.

There are plenty of plan template formats to consider. Some are simple lists, while others contain a series of frames or tables in which to sequester certain concepts. When choosing a lesson template, be sure to use one that isn’t overly complex or confusing. Additionally, choose a font that’s readable as well. By choosing these little steps to make your plan template more legible, you will save yourself a lot of confusion in the long run.

Of course, the difficult part about making a plan template isn’t the template itself, but the scheduling. Many teachers object to plans because they see them as far too structured and rigid. Should the slightest mishap occur, the entire plan is ruined. However, by scheduling a bit of extra time to be used in emergencies, you can allow yourself enough time for creative spontaneity. Learn more today about how templates can benefit you!

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Free Business Cards Templates

Free Printable Business Cards TemplatesMany people already know about all of the free business card offers from Vistaprint. What many people don’t know is that you pay a little for shipping, but then they add their logo and text to the back of your business card! So instead of promoting you and your business through your business cards, you’re promoting Vistaprint as well!

There is a better way. Instead of getting free business cards, check out websites that offer free business card templates. You can download these free templates, change the name, address and other details then send them to your favorite printer to have them printed. Not only are you getting custom business cards, but you don’t have to advertise for anyone but yourself.

What makes this deal worthwhile is that, while Vistaprint claims “free business cards” you’re actually still paying for shipping. With free business card templates, you download the templates and do whatever you would like with them. That means that they’re actually free.

Another wonderful thing about free business card templates is that many sites will even customize these free templates for you. Sometimes they will charge a small fee, but other times they will edit their free business card templates to fit your needs at no charge to you.

Websites offer free business card templates so they can spread the word about their website and designing. Many people often have paid business card templates for sell along with their free business card templates. Some people just enjoy designing business cards and have no great reason for giving them away. These are the people you want to look for. Someone who gives everything away at no charge. You’ll be able to spot these websites because they don’t have a shopping cart built into their site.

Next time you’re ready to buy business cards remember to browse for free business card templates and see if you can’t find something that matches what you need, and for free!

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Free Budget Template Excel

Free Printable Budget Template ExcelBudgeting is not an easy task, especially when you do not have enough money to budget in the very first place. A lot of families and individuals are actually facing a grave problem of how they will be able to make both ends meet, especially now when the prices of almost everything are skyrocketing. Good thing there are now plenty of tools that will be able to help you out in budgeting, a task that can be frustrating, depressing and tedious all at the same time.

At present, there is no longer a need to get the services of the best accountant or tax adviser just so you can plan and analyze the status of your finances. You can now do things all by yourself, and that would be through the help of a budget template.

The budgeting template will be able to tell you where you are actually as far as your finances are concerned. It is very useful in those instances when you will have to budget and obviously, budgeting is very much needed if you are after managing your money to your utmost best.

People usually feel that it is a must to make the most out of every single thing and this is very much applicable even to using the budget template. While there are free budget templates, there are also a lot of other paid budget templates that come with great features, although in this aspect, less is sometimes more.

In a budget template, you will list down all the accounts that you have and this will surely allow you to have more savings. The chances of getting debts is actually very small since you can easily check the exact money that you still have to make it work for your expenses.

What are the other reasons why you need to use a budget template?

First, you will be able to know the current situation of your status in numeric terms using best budget software/budget template. You will be able to check if your income is actually covering your expenses and as well as your other liabilities. These are the factors that determine the present results and positions of your finances. And with this, you will be able to easily predict what might happen in the near future or you can also start setting your goals depending on the results in the present.

If you are also planning to open your own business, you will definitely need some money as capital. And as far as the needed capital is needed, you should apply for a certain loan from a lender or bank. Such institutions will be more than happy in paying more depending on the ability that you have and they will surely be interested in knowing how you are actually managing your finances. When you can prove them that you are good in managing your finances, you will definitely get an approved application.

Through the use of a budget template, you will definitely make the most out of your money.

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Free Printable Template for Attendance Sheet

Free Template for Attendance SheetThere are numbers of free attendance record forms available on the internet for download. Each form features different forms and patterns for easier tracking and recording. There are for class attendance and employee attendance. These forms are usually in the form of Excel, OpenOffice and Google Spreadsheets.

Most of the free attendance record forms are created for weekly or monthly monitoring. For weekly class attendance form, a date is being entered in the field of Week for reference. Information such as teacher’s name, room # and course are indicated at the top for filling up. In the table proper comes the student’s name and names of the days of the week. Markings or symbols will depend on the leader or teacher. You can put “X” or corresponding letter for each performance. The monthly student attendance record is created and designed where the month, year, weeks and dates are used in column for reference. Likewise, the symbols or designation depends on the downloaded form or the leader assigned. There are forms that include time in the field to track tardiness and such.

Employee’s attendance record forms come in two types: the monthly attendance sheet and the daily time sheet. The daily time sheet is the type of record that is made to record information in details. Such data needed are the employee’s information, task description, time started and stopped, and total time worked. By this, the tardiness and absences are monitored daily as well as the position of certain employee for that day. The monthly in the other hand is not a detailed one. Only needs employee’s information, dates of the month, days, and columns for present, vacation, or sick that just need to be ticked.

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