Two Main Chapters in Literature Review Example for Research Proposal

Free Printable Literature Review Example for Research Proposal
literature review example for research proposal

For a student who wants to pass the last exam, they must create a proposal containing their research. There are various kinds of proposals, but the specific research proposal must have a good and complete writing style. To create a research proposal, students are able to see the literature review example for research proposal that can easily be found online on the internet. For those of you who don’t understand about research proposals, there are some steps in writing them correctly. First, the student must choose the topic of research, where they must understand the topic and how to explain it in the proposal. Next, the student or researcher will also have to explain the topic from general to a specific explanation.

To make a good proposal, the student or can be called the researcher will make a literature review outline, in this outline; there are two big parts of chapters. The first chapter is the introduction. In the introduction, you will be introducing the problems of the research. You will then need to provide a statement of the problem. The statement is a general explanation of the problem, the researcher must not explain completely. In this chapter, the researcher must input the theory that is acceptable with various sources such as books, chapters, page, year, and the author. Sources are not only from books, there are also newspapers, magazines or other articles that can be used.

The second chapter that must be added in the literature review template is the review of literature or background. In it, the researcher needs to give arguments about the topic along with other problems that might arise, and the explanation about the method that will be used to overcome the problems. The researcher must write down all the topics with circumstances before the research happens. There might be more than one problem and all needs to be stated on the paper. They all have to be related to the topic too. After researcher understands about the problem, they must choose the appropriate method that will overcome the problems.

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