How to Create an Invoice Template Doc by Microsoft Word

example of invoice template doc
example of invoice template doc

The invoice template doc will make it easier for you to create an invoice in a proper way. There are various kinds of invoices that can be used. You can design it by yourself or you can pick one of the free download templates on the internet. You can make a simple invoice template using Microsoft Word. In the heading of invoice, there must be the company’s identity along with street address, city, Zip code, telephone, and email. Don’t forget to give the company’s logo if it is available. Next, under the invoice logo, there must be the information of invoice’s receiver. They will include the name of the company with the company’s identity. At the right of the receiver’s data, there should be the issue date, due date, and terms & conditions.

After the information about the sender and the receiver of sales invoice template or it can be called as a client, the company must give the description of stuff or services which will be purchased by the client or the receiver. There is a quantity or number of stuff or services with unit price and amount. At the end of the bill, there are subtotal, tax rate and tax if available, and the amount due. At the bottom of the invoice, usually, there is note that can be filled with the comments or special instruction to the client. There is some payment method that can be used for the client, among others debit, credit or cheque method. All payment methods will be agreed by the company first.

If you cannot make the invoice template using Microsoft Word, you can find the printable invoice on the internet. There are various kinds of invoices that you can download too, from paid ones to free ones. If you want to have a complete invoice, there is a special invoice that can be downloaded that is a double invoice with two receivers. This type of invoice is usually made for a client that has different a department of shipment and payment. The invoice has three layers. The first layer will be given to the accounting department, the second layer will be given to the shipment department, and the third layer will be kept by the sender.

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