The Employee Timesheet Based on Standard Hours Rate

Sample of Employee Timesheet
Sample of Employee Timesheet

To get the correct information about the employee’s attendance, the boss or manager must make an employee timesheet. There are various kinds of timesheets from hourly, weekly, monthly to yearly. It depends on the usage and usually, the factory worker will be using hourly timesheet, because many factories run non-stop for 24 hours. There are normally 2 to 4 shifts depending on the change of the workers. The Human Resource Department needs to create an hourly timesheet for the employees to know their attendance. On the other hand, a weekly timesheet is normally used for waitresses or part-time workers. This type of timesheet will give the employee’s attendance information for a week time.

Monthly timesheet is usually used for office workers. In the monthly timesheet template, there is information about the worker or employee’s attendance in a month. There are standard hour’s rate and the overtime hour’s rate too. In other words, there are all sorts of information about the worker’s fee for a day that can be accumulated into 1 month’s pay. This monthly timesheet shows every day’s standard hours, overtime hours, and the total hours, from Monday to Sunday will be multiplied by the rate. HRD or department manager will give the weekly total or the amount of fee and the total of work hours in a week. It will then be multiplied by the total week in a month and it will show the total fee in a month.

The weekly timesheet is the favorite employee timesheet template that is commonly used by a company or business. The weekly timesheet shows the employee’s attendance in a week with information of the time in and time out in a day. To make this type of timesheet, there is some information that must be filled, such as the company logo and identity as the header or letterhead, employee, and manager name. The manager must write the day, date, and time in and time out, standard hour’s rate, overtime hour’s rate, and the total fee in a day. The total fee in a day will be multiplied by the number of days in a week and number of standard hours in a day.

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