Free Editable Employee Resignation Letter Template

Free Printable Employee Resignation Letter TemplateIf you are planning to resign from your job, what procedure, you should follow to tender your resignation? If an employee plans to resign from his service then, he/she should submit Employment Resignation Letter to the HR manager or employer, showing his intention to terminate his service in the company or organization.

There are various reasons, which prompts an employee to resign from his job and they include, better job opportunity in another organization, working environment, moving out of the city or country, poor pay scale and family commitments. Informing verbally, about his service termination is not proper corporate tradition to inform the employer. These reasons make it necessary, to follow right corporate culture and, tender his written resignation, according to the company rules and regulations. He should also cite job quitting reasons in the letter.

It is also necessary for the employee to understand that, leaving the job is not an easy task and lots of explanations are to be tendered for terminating his service in the company. Again, the employer may want employee to continue, because of the over work loads in the company, which needs his active participation or it may not be possible to get another efficient personnel for the same position in the short period of time. Such reasons make it essential to handle resignation issue, delicately and carefully for maintaining cordial relation with the employer in future and, to avoid any legal tangles or breach of contract.

It is also advisable that, a worker, intending to quit his job must follow proper resignation channel. Many companies have, their own job termination clauses, which are agreed by the employee, at the time of hiring. These terms and conditions may include, serving advance job quitting information, confidentiality provision, pre quit notice and resignation letter.

If company procedures are not followed by the employee and, if there is any breach of contract then, he may have to face numerous legal complications, which may spoil his relation with the employer or may be detrimental to his future career prospects.

If you are not proficient in writing your own job termination letter, you can download Employment Resignation Letters, from online site and formulate them accordingly, as per your need.

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