The Cost, Estimate, and Actual Cost in a Construction Proposal Template

Free Printable Construction Proposal TemplateTo make a strong and good building, a contractor must make the construction first. To make a construction, there are different procedures for creating a blueprint, proposal, method payment, contract, and many more. One of the many important procedures of making a construction is by choosing a good construction proposal template. To make the proposal template, there is information that must be written in the form, such as the owner and contractor’s information. The information listed on the template usually contains both parties’ identities, such as the owner and contractor name, address, city, phone, email, and company. It is important to have their identity information to be correct and actual for the legality of the proposal.

In the construction contract, there is also the scope of work.  It contains the project scope of work with the specification, for example, the stairs construction. The contractor must explain the material needed for a method that will be used, and also some payment amount that needed. There are also some project details that are not included in the scope of work, where the contractor also must explain the details completely. The last is the company proposal. The company must give the overview of the proposal including who is proposing the work, date, and the amount of payment. On the bottom of the proposal, there should be signatures from both parties too.

The contractor also must give the construction estimate cost and actual, as it will make it easier for the owner or client to know about the materials needed and scope of work that they have to do. There is construction estimate template with complete information about the job name, item, size or quantity, estimate, and actual. The job name can be filled with the kind of construction. The company must write down the entire item in the item’s table such as land, property taxes, survey, appraisal, attorney, plans, and many more. Other than the item, there is the size or quantity too. This will count the number of goods or item needed along with their placements.

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