The Employee Timesheet Based on Standard Hours Rate

To get the correct information about the employee’s attendance, the boss or manager must make an employee timesheet. There are various kinds of timesheets from hourly, weekly, monthly to yearly. It depends on the usage and usually, the factory worker will be using hourly timesheet, because many factories run non-stop for 24 hours. There are […]

Creating an Acceptable Holiday Request Form

Take a chance for a holiday or time-off for those of you who need to refresh your mind from work. To get the time-off approval, you must take fill in a holiday request form. Every company has their own forms, from the simplest one to the most complete time-off form. In a simple holiday form, […]

The Appropriate Request Time off Form Template

After a long time working, everyone needs time-off to take a rest or take a vacation. In every business and company, the worker or employer have their rights to get a time off too. A company must create a form related to the request time off. There is various time off form that can be […]

Free Editable Employee Resignation Letter Template

If you are planning to resign from your job, what procedure, you should follow to tender your resignation? If an employee plans to resign from his service then, he/she should submit Employment Resignation Letter to the HR manager or employer, showing his intention to terminate his service in the company or organization. There are various […]

Free Editable Board Resignation Letter Template

A board resignation letter is one of the most important letters that you can ever write. Yet, few people give a conscious thought about how to write them correctly. Even if you are planning to change jobs well in advance, you will dedicate a lot of time in writing a perfect resume, work very hard […]