Free Editable Board Resignation Letter Template

Free Printable Board Resignation Letter TemplateA board resignation letter is one of the most important letters that you can ever write. Yet, few people give a conscious thought about how to write them correctly. Even if you are planning to change jobs well in advance, you will dedicate a lot of time in writing a perfect resume, work very hard to prepare well for the interview, and yet put off writing the resignation letter to the last minute. Now, that is a big mistake. How often do you find people who will tell you that they will like to change the way that they had written their resignation letter? May be, even you feel the same way sometimes.

A resignation letter is different from anything else, since you will inevitably become emotionally charged while writing it. Leaving a job can be a stressful experience. Sometimes, you can make the mistake of transferring these emotions and stress into the letter. Therefore, it is important to remember a few things when you write a resignation letter.

Be Positive

That is easier said than done, yet, it can have a great effect on the situations and the mood surrounding your departure. Regardless of your level in the organization, your colleagues, superiors and subordinates will definitely feel about your departure, and the feeling can be anything ranging from surprise to rejection. It is best to be sensitive to these feelings. You should not write anything to intensify or aggravate these feelings.

Strike a Balance

Once you have decided to leave, and you are sure about your decision, convey the message through the resignation letter. The words used should be firm; they should demonstrate your intent and purpose. Never try to negotiate through a resignation letter. All the negotiation and discussion should be done before writing the letter. Yet, it is important to strike a balance by using firm words, and at the same time, not alienating or provoking the employer unnecessarily.

Don’t Burn your Bridges

Your resignation letter should not alienate or provoke your employer by the use of inappropriate words. As far as possible, try to conserve your goodwill and keep your future options safe. It is a small world indeed. You never know that after sometime, your boss may also leave the organization, and join again as your boss in your new job. There is another reason for you to be careful-reference and recommendation. When you are applying for a new job, the new employer will inevitably ask for references, sometimes from previous employers. It is best to be balanced and professional in the wordings of the letter, even if the circumstances surrounding the resignation are not exactly so.

Different Letters for Different Purposes

It is a fallacy that you can resign only from a job. You can step down from a lot of other things, like the chairmanship of a committee or a board, while still retaining the employment. Obviously, the wordings and substance of a resignation letter in such a situation will be much different. The circumstances and reactions of the people surrounding you are also going to be different. Yet, the basic guidelines for writing the resignation letter will remain the same, namely; be positive, be professional and strike a balance.

The way that you leave your job is very important. It has implications on your personal life, your future professional life and your own self esteem. And the way you leave your job can be very much affected by the way you draft your resignation letter. Be objective and professional. Use words carefully and in a way which conveys your intent and purpose without showing your emotions. Don’t upset the employer by being reckless. Keep your goodwill, and keep your options open.

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